Mist of the Perfume RiverA Documentary by Hung Le and Peter Bucknell

Hung Le returned to Vietnam on the tenth anniversary of his father’s passing to view the statues he’d sculpted.

He sat with his father’s old friends to talk, and find out how they accomplished his father’s dying wish, and to witness how his father and his art have been embraced by the ancient city of Hue, now a world heritage site.

In 1975, Vietnamese artist,
Le Thanh Nhon, gathered his family and escaped on a leaky boat to Australia.
Three months before his death in 2002, he wrote to his old friends hoping that the statues he had sculpted during his life in Vietnam be displayed for the enjoyment of all in the "Mist of the Perfume River”.

Every evening, at sunset, he and his friends had walked down to the Perfume River where they drank, talked about art, poetry and music and celebrated life. His vision was for his legacy of art to be available to the people of his country and its visitors.
This task has been forty years in the making and we have captured Hung’s journey back to his homeland to pay homage, and reconnect with his cultural roots.